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People standing on a stage with circles and looking into the distance
A still from the Black Arts Legacies video profiling Reginald André Jackson. All videos in the series directed by Tifa Tomb.

As part of our effort to document the longstanding and ongoing impact of Black artists in the region, the Black Arts Legacies project produces written profiles, photographic portraits and short videos.

In Season 1, producer and director Tifa Tomb created five videos, each showcasing two Seattle artists working in the same genre across different time periods. Returning for Season 2, Tomb will profile a single artist in each of five new videos spanning visual art, dance, music, theater and television.

Published here and on Crosscut, new videos are also broadcast on KCTS 9 every Thursday evening in June.

Defining dance and breaking barriers

Syvilla Fort helped put Seattle dance on the map and influenced generations of dancers.

Dreaming up delightful, inclusive programming for the small screen

Valerie Thomas-Matson’s show Look, Listen & Learn is grounded in brain development research.

Bringing Black stage history to the present

Seattle actor/playwright Reginald André Jackson pays tribute to the Black theater-makers who paved the way.

Singing the soul of the city

Blending gospel, R&B and poetry, Tiffany Wilson is inspiring the next generation of Seattle musicians.

Multimedia art with a mission

Preston Wadley wants ‘to make the world better’ through thought-provoking art and influential instruction.

Bringing Black history and bold color to the cityscape

From intricate portraits to multistory murals, Al Doggett and Barry Johnson honor the history of Black art in Seattle and paint its future.

The history and future of Black theater in Seattle

Douglas Q. Barnett and Sharon Nyree Williams on the importance of bringing Black stories to the stage.

The soul of Northwest rock ‘n’ roll

Meet Seattle music pioneer Dave Lewis and see how contemporary band The Black Tones is carrying the DNA of Northwest rock forward.

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance

For dancer-choreographers Donald Byrd and Jade Solomon Curtis, social engagement takes center stage.

The art of creating space

Zoë Dusanne and Elisheba Johnson, two Seattle curators separated by decades, turn homes into galleries with a mission to support artists.

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